Mark Handl

3D Printing / Graphic Design / Modeling & Animation

LightSail 2 Project

As a member of The Planetary Society, we recently crowdfunded LightSail 2 into reality. Realizing Carl Sagan's dream and proving fuel-less space propulsion using only the pressure of light.
Launching aboard Spacex's second Falcon Heavy rocket flight, LightSail 2 has now completed one year on orbit and continues above us on its current extended mission. 
Track LightSail 2's current position and see it for yourself using the link below.
Side note: During launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket at 2:30 am that morning, I was in a boat witnessing the launch up close. My position was roughly 2 miles opposite the view of the 2 boosters landing photo in the slideshow below. An experience of a lifetime.

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